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Understanding Learning Disabilities


Spring 2014

The Mission: I have always been intrigued by learning disabilities in young children and how to compensate for it so that the child feels empowered rather than disabled. So I set out to design a tool for children with learning disabilities that would give them the skills to be successful.

The Challenge: Since learning disabilities are so unique, there were many nuances and different skills to account for. The key was to find a way to identify the critical skills and create a tool that could encompass as many of them as possible.

The Result: From my research, I designed a series of whiteboards to aid children with their writing, reading, time management, and other skills needed to overcome a learning disability, while enabling them to remain immersed in the classroom without being singled out. At the teacher’s instruction, children can practice the needed skills in their own way, replacing tools that are usually formless. These tools are organized in a bag, that can also be personalized, and stored in the student’s backpack or desk.