Hi I’m Adria


I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in Industrial Design. I became a Texan for a few years and discovered the beauty of breakfast tacos and queso.
In 2020, I came back to my north easterly roots and moved to NYC. 

Here are some key things about me:

I am passionate about taking complicated issues, analyzing them, and designing solutions. I find that the most interesting projects I work on are the ones that really make me think critically about the world and my assumptions.
I’m a thinker that is invested in understanding people, situations, and complicated issues.

I really like using my hands whether it is building something, drawing, or using a sharpie and sticky notes to brainstorm ideas. I’m a doer and that is a key part of my process. 

It is important to me to be an active participant in anything that I am working on. I love looking at a project and seeing the process that the project, team, and I went through to get there. I don’t stop working until I know we have come up with the best possible solution.

Understanding people realistically is essential to good design. I love challenging my assumptions on how people think through usability testing and everyday conversations. It is exhilarating to peel back the layers of their actions and throughts to truly understand the underlying behavior. If you happen to see me what a  usability test videos, you’ll  hear me cheer on the user when they succeed or feel their pain when they struggle.    

I am always itching to learn anything new. Whether its better understanding global inequality, learning how to braise a brisket, or playing with a new design tool, I’m always eager to broaden my horizons.  I believe that being well rounded enables me to be a better designer.  

In my free time I love to explore new places, try new food, and find unique experiences. I also love to collect things from those places like sand, rocks, figurines, and art.