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May 2012
The Mission: For this project we were given the prompt of creating a game centered around astronomy and "the heavens". Paired with Liana Kong and Sebrand Warren, we began by exploring various aspects of astronomy and different kinds of games. We zeroed in on the idea of teaching the gamer the chemical side of creating a healthy and sustainable planet.

The Challenge: We found that it was challenging to not only make the game fun, but to also make it winnable in an appropriate amount of time. We found that it wasn't enough to just create an objective. This enabled us to consider how players interacted with each other and how we could create fun competition.

How to Play: Each player is given a base planet and a spaceship with goal to travel to other planets to collect the building blocks of life: Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Carbon, and Energy. By moving within a grid, the player then can bring back and use these building blocks to create the requirements of life that are needed to win the game, such as a layer of ocean or rock. In addition players can build fleets, obtain chance cards, and go to war.

We designed Terraform to not only educate the players on the building blocks of the universe, but to also inform them on the importance of a healthy and sustainable planet.