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Social Sustainability


Dec 2014
The Premise: Through our observations of the world and conversations with others, we found that individuals no longer know their neighbors and their local community and instead tend to be more active in an online community. While social media has provided society with many useful opportunities, it is still essential to remain connected to your local community.

The Project: Working with Uriel Eisen and Hyun Doug Kim, we wanted to answer the question “how can we get people to get off their screens and spend more time interacting face to face?” Through a series of interviews, we found that people did want to interact but weren’t sure how to do so. They needed something to help facilitate the interaction.

The Result: We designed a series of conversation topics to spark discussion at restaurant communal tables. The goal was to build on the act of eating together to help people connect with each other.

Testing our Solution:

A Summary of Our Process: