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December 2013

The Mission: A learning disability is a neurological disorder that affects a person’s ability to receive, process, analyze, and/or store information despite their intelligence. Learning disabilities can manifest as difficulties with writing, reading, and speech for instance. Learning disabilities have not only a large impact on academic development, but also social development. Currently, there are very few products to help children and teachers to overcome it. Therefore it was my goal to design a product that helps teachers and students with learning disabilities manage and improve their learning.

What Challenged Me: I found that I was challenged by making the system comprehensive. It was essential for Ollie to work in as many possible situations for as many learning disabilities. There was a lot to keep track of and I found that I had to constantly rethink the system and find ways to organize it. 
Introducing Ollie: Ollie is a student’s little friend that aids the student in the classroom throughout the day. By using augmented reality technology, Ollie takes the virtual world and makes it physical for children to learn in. Ollie features three modes, lesson, active, and discovery, to aid and promote a child's experience in the classroom. Teachers can monitor and add to the student's experience through the companion site where they have access to the child's habits and preferences in the classroom.

Some Process: