Lifesize Admin Console Redesign

Started: July 2017
Paused: December 2017

The Goal: Our goal was to rebuild and redesign our Admin Console to improve the information architecture, easy-to-use, modern, and scalable for future additions. 

The Process:I began this project by seeking the answers to three questions: what lives in the Admin Console, what are the Admin Console’s shortcomings, and how do other products handle administrative tasks. In order to answer these questions, I researched other enterprise products’ administrative platforms, compiled a heuristic review of our Admin Console, and conducted user interviews with our customers’ IT professionals. From this and my own experience, I knew that the information architecture of the Admin Console was fundamentally flawed. To begin to design an alternative, I mapped out the current IA, performed a remote card sorting test with customers and non-customers, and conducting an in person card sorting activity with user proxies. Based on my observations, I started iterating new possibilities. At the same time, a roadblack I discovered was that there wasn’t a collective understanding of our Admin Console users and their responsibilties.In order to gain clarity, I created and facilitated a design workshop with our team of Product Managers and Product Director to pool their knowledge of our users, create pain-gains maps, and map their actions to create Admin Console personas. 

Next I began to establish the navigation design, how users accessed the platform, the layout of each sections, and how users performed basic actions such as searching and bulk actions. Once I had a plethera of questions, I conducted a series of in person usability test with user proxies: Lifesize’s IT professionals and Customer Service Advocates. I conducted three tests with the goal of determining if the testers understood the basics of navigating the new Admin Console and changing basic settings. The insights gained from these studies enabled me to move forward with my designs and add more depth. 

Some of my Wireframes and Flows: