Salad Tongs
Cooking is one of my interests, nurtured by my mom. Salads are a part of every meal, whether at the family table or a formal dinner party, and should be creative combinations of ingredients.This opportunity served as a means of exploring beautiful flow forms and how to infuse that beauty with the purpose of serving salad. When designing the tongs, my vision was for a graceful and elegant process of serving. In addition, I wanted to the salad to be perceived as a creation to experience and something worthy of these tongs. Throughout my process, I played with many different curves in order to find the best curve suited to serving salads.

"I and Thou"
My challenge was to design a reading stool for a particular book. This stool could only be comprised of four planes with the book fitting in as the fifth plane, no interior holes, and only right angles. In addition the stool had to reflect either the content of the book or its aesthetic quality.

Rotoform My challenge was to design a vessel based on rocks we found. After designing the vessel, we then redesigned the rocks into their idealized form. By doing this project, we learned to think and design the various complicated aspects of the vessel and how each aspect would interact with each other.